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Our Philosophy

Grow Your Own,
Keep Your Own Seeds

Do enjoy the happiness of planting your own food,

at the same time understand the importance of food security and sovereignty



Support Local, Sustainable Agriculture

Not only to value the food sustainably and locally grown

but also to appreciate the labor effort,

as well as to support the livelihood of farmers



Eco Farming,
Eco Living

Make great use of the recyclable resources we have in farming,

and bring this concept into our everyday life!



About our Team 二人團隊

Farmer Yu Wing founded AuLaw Organic Farm in 2010 in Hong Kong, and has been promoting sustainable organic agriculture as well as the city’s self-sufficiency in food. He is also the founder of Hong Kong Organic Farmers Association, the Hong Kong Organic Association, and the AuLaw Organic Commons, hoping to unite farmers and facilitate agricultural development.

Assistant Perle established a student-owned cooperative and a regular university farmers’ market in Hong Kong. She has been organizing community events that connect food growing with people’s everyday life, also addressing environmental justice.



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